We are a software service provider

We specialise in digital transformation and cloud architecture & security. We are solving business problems with the help of technical solutions.

Wingrowsoft team listens to your needs and provides the right technology choice that would benefit you.

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How we can help?

Experts in Digital Transfermation, Cloud Architecture, Managed Services for Engineering and Deliveryand Security guidance.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

  • Developing digital transformation plans in areas like data science and human-centered design.
  • Building applications in a modular, scalable way and to readily access the data they need.
  • Helping companies adopt agile is a key pillar of our digital transformation consulting.

Cloud Architecture as a Service

There are many benefits to building applications in the cloud. Cloud Architecture enables businesses to reduce or eliminate their reliance on on-premises server, storage, and networking infrastructure. It does require an investment but there is no no need to spend a huge amount upfront as a careful plan and good strategy provided by Wingrowsoft will help to avoid hefty bills.

  • We are experts in a multi cloud.
  • We listen to your requirements very carefully.
  • We provide advice on cloud architecture that will suit needs of your business.
  • We help you stay on top of the evolving cloud trends and keep you up to date technologically.

Managed Services for Engineering and Delivery

Wingrowsoft has a track record of providing unbiased engineering advice. Over the years, we observe not only an increasing trend of startups partnering with experienced service partners for engineering and delivery but also how much value our services brought to our clients.

  • We will help you engineer, build and deliver your vision.
  • We will bring our many-year experience to support your business.
  • We are staying on top of the new developments at our own expense.

Security Guidance

Wingrowsoft emphasises that In this digital age it is very vital to think about security for any of the projects. We strongly recommend implementing necessary security measures from the early stages.

  • We help clients understand and adopt the best security principles.
  • We believe security is "everyone's responsibility" so we advise the best practices to our clients as well as equip them with the best back-end to assist and protect them.

Why certificatation in security matters?

We never stop learning and staying on top of the cutting edge technologies. Our team is made up of experienced individuals driven by knowledge and curiosity. Having the credentials below helps us to protect clients in this cloud era.

Our Story

Wingrowsoft was formed in 2012. We are a small London-based team of freelancers led by Kalirajan Natarajan.

The whole team is adaptive and flexible to support in all ways (primarily, digital).

Wingrowsoft prides itself in putting the client first and providing a competent, honest and inclusive solution.

We are always ready to take on the project, solve complex challenges to ensure that projects are a success.

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Wingrowsoft is a

Microsoft Partner

Wingrowsoft has signed for the prestigious Microsoft Partner Network.

Wingrowsoft also takes privilege in announcing that it has been accepted for the Microsoft ISV Success Program.

As part of this, Wingrowsoft is working to host an Open Banking sandbox in Azure Marketplace.